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Company Profile


Nanyang Yuzhong Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the Industrial Agglomeration Zone of Fangcheng County, Nanyang Municipality, Henan Province, taking up a land area of over 40 mu and a workshop floor area of 13,000 sqm. Yuzhong produces 300-500 sets of high-end precision CNC vertical lathes, industrial robots and industrial automation equipment every year. As a leading manufacturer of CNC lathes and equipment, Yuzhong is engaged in R&D, production, marketing and servicing with facilities powered by integrated, automatic and intelligent production lines in different regions.

Yuzhong’s team is comprised of technical experts from Japan and Europe engaged in joint R&D efforts. Yuzhong produces all core components in-house with strict control over quality. With machining workshops, precision thermostatic and dust-free assembly rooms, and advanced testing technology and testing equipment, Yuzhong ensures that every unit of equipment delivered to customers is of the best possible quality. In the CNC vertical lathe machining industry, Yuzhong works to bring customers the ultimate cutting experience and has won recognition among the customers by relying on technical innovation combined with stable quality and trend setting features. Major customer groups come from industries such as automobile manufacturing, heavy trucks, aviation, aerospace, construction machinery, new energy vehicles, high-speed railway and lifts industries around the world. We help our customers in a wide range of manufacturing and machining industries producing products including wheel hubs, brake drums, brake disks, flying wheel casing, knuckles, turbocharger housing, inlet and exhaust pipes, new energy motor casing, train wheels and lift wheels.

Yuzhong adheres to the tenet of "customers first, integrity and pragmatism" and upholds the enterprise spirit of "remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind" to provide customers with professional, comprehensive and readily accessible services. Yuzhong is committed to serving customers by providing integrated solutions for machining processes and technologies.



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Yuzhong’s new-generation intelligent CNC vertical lathes are designed by following the idea of “thinking for the future” to demonstrate the appeals of numeric control combined with mechanics and provide astonishing experience of cutting with all-new CNC together with meticulous workmanship.

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