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LC-860 features large-span center-rive design, powered by a screw and a rail of renowned makers. Though its cost is high, superior quality is the only to achieve the high accuracy demanded by customers and ensure long service life. With both ends being fixed, the roller screw is 100% in parallel with the orientation axis. The screw is in the axial center of movement, providing axial feed force for high accuracy and high loads to avoid uneven distribution of force on the rail due to biased drive. Product Description
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Heavy-duty vertical turning center

Largest swiveling diameter and travel of the same kind

X-axis travel 520mm Z-axis travel 1,000mm

Swiveling diameterΦ1100mm Maximum machining diameterΦ950mm

Suitable for cutting of large, heavy and irregular workpieces, simple to operate, and easy to load and unload workpieces

Optional 2-stage gearbox for powerful cutting

The bench comes standard with hydraulic chucks or can work with optional 3-in/3-out hydraulic clamping allowing customization for special tools for irregular products




Item Specification Unit LC-860
Maximum swiveling diameter Maximum mm ¢1100
Maximum cutting diameter mm ¢950
YY-axis maximum punching diameter mm N/A
Maximum cutting height mm 950
Spindle Spindle nose type A2-15
First spindle speed rpm 800
Second spindle speed rpm N/A
Chuck OD mm 810
Spindle bore mm ¢110
Front bearing ID mm ¢220
Turret Tool storage capacity pc 12
OD shank mm 32
ID shank mm ¢60
Magazine capacity   No
Travel X-axis travel mm -100+520
Y-axis travel mm  N/A
Z-axis travel mm 1000
Rapid feed X-axis rapid feed m/min 16
Z-axis rapid feed m/min 16
Hydraulic unit Reservoir capacity L 60
Hydraulic motor kw 3.75
2-stage pressure   Optional
Cutting fluid unit Cutting fluid tank capacity L 800
Cutting fluid motor kw 2.62
Chip flushing motor kw 2.62
Motor X-axis servo motor kw 7
Y-axis servo motor kw N/A
Z-axis servo motor kw 7
First spindle servo motor kw 30
Second spindle servo motor kw No
Accuracy Positioning accuracy mm 0.008
Repeat positioning accuracy mm 0.004
Machine exterior dimensions (Footprint)L × W ×H mm 3300×4800×4600
Weight kg 18000


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Yuzhong’s new-generation intelligent CNC vertical lathes are designed by following the idea of “thinking for the future” to demonstrate the appeals of numeric control combined with mechanics and provide astonishing experience of cutting with all-new CNC together with meticulous workmanship.

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