Our Attitude

Our Attitude


Our Altitude

Tell the truth; stay pragmatic; take on challenges and responsibilities bravely.

Always pursue "top performance and perfection" in work.

Report problems in work faithfully.

Keep improving in our work.

Put forward your own ideas on the puzzling problems.

We supervise each other at work and we are a big family in life.

Product quality hazards caused by work negligence,

We must be brave enough to act and not shirk responsibility

For products with quality defects, we would rather compensate customers for their losses, resolutely not deliver, irresponsible products.

We are committed to ourselves, to the company, to the customers, to the society.

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Yuzhong’s new-generation intelligent CNC vertical lathes are designed by following the idea of “thinking for the future” to demonstrate the appeals of numeric control combined with mechanics and provide astonishing experience of cutting with all-new CNC together with meticulous workmanship.

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